Account Canceled?

Hi everyone,

An integration I have has just thrown an error.

I’m using Make ( formally Integromat ) to fulfil orders using ShipHero’s graphql.

I can successfully retrieve the Access Token but when I try to check inventory levels I receive a 401 with a message:

  • {“message”: “Account is canceled”}

Any idea what could be going on here?

Hey @alfieandgem,

Thanks for reaching out!
I’m going to investigate this further and get back to you. We were having some issues earlier today with logins, and I just wanted to double check that this is still ongoing for you?



Yes it’s still happening for me.

Hello @alfieandgem!

I’m checking this with the team from SF now.

Kind regards,

Hello @alfieandgem!

Can you retry now? If it is not working try refreshing or acquiring a new token. If it still doesn’t work please share the error you are getting.

Kind regards,

Hey guys,

It’s all working now! Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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