An exhaustive list of "carrier" field values?

Is there an exhaustive list of “carrier” field values? For example, for a USPS shipment it gave us “SHIPPO__USPS”.
This value wasn’t acceptable to client systems so I had to remove the prefix and send lowercase usps - wondering what other future values might create a break later on.

Hi Raj,
There is no way to do it directly through the API. I will see if I can get a list. What are the carriers that your client uses?

Hey Theresa, so far I know they use FedEx DHL ecommerce and USPS (aka shippo_usps) - not sure if that list might expand…
Thank you!

Sorry I sent above reply via email, and I see it doesn’t ‘quote’ you directly so you might miss seeing it…

I spoke with our engineer that works with carriers specifically and the shippo prefix is the only one where it has two underscores between shippo and the carrier.

I see… For now I’ve coded it such that it strips that prefix if found, and so far it’s working well :slight_smile:
Thank you!

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Brilliant, great to hear.