Tracking_carrier not updating in BigCommerce

We’re having an issue receiving the API value “tracking_carrier” from Shiphero.

I’ve attached the following screenshot below I received from a BC support agent who mentioned that in order for our outbound shipped confirmation e-mails to include a URL link, the values “tracking_number” and “tracking_carrier” need to be filled. tracking_number had no issues flowing, however carrier did not update. Please advise.

Hi @JBagazinski , welcome to the community! I will check to see what is happening on our end and if we are sending that information. If it is missing, I can put in a request to have engineering take a look.

Hi Theresa! Thanks for taking a look. We’re in need of this fix relatively quickly, does this look like a relatively simple fix that we can get done today? Or is there complications that could drag a few days?

Thanks so much for the help,


Hi Joe,
This is not something that would be a quick fix. I do have a public API query where the information is available and it is available in the UI. Please let me know if I can assist with finding that information. I will keep you updated on the progress of the update here.

There has been a ticket created for engineering. Please use