Create Order API - Order Line Items not matching with Product Names

Hi Community,

We have encountered a strange behaviour on the order line item names when a new order is created. Last April 08, 2022 we have bulk updated all the product names of this customer to prepend the product name with "Ref{ref_no}: " (e.g: Ref8: Chair Small). But suddenly as of today (April 13, 2022), all the line item names of the order is not reflecting the prepended Ref No. This only happened when viewing the order on dashboard and the fulfillment mobile app.

Here are the details of the order:
Order No: DO4622134229387O
API Request ID: 62562c4af02321726ee88da7

Please see attached screenshots for reference.
Can you help us check with this? Thank you.


Cc: @ddl @Edwin

Hello @Altair!

I checked the request ID, and I see that you omit the “Red{ref_no)” in each line item’s product_name.

In the case of orders created using the Public-API, we use the name provided in the line_items.product_name field. Can you re-test creating the order using the complete names in that field?

Please let me know if this doesn’t work.

Have a great day!