Fedex Shipping Label all reference fields

Is it possible to populate all available reference fields for Fedex Ground labels? Fedex offcially supports:

  • your reference
  • Department no.
  • PO no.
  • Invoice no.

ShipHero uses the following map:

  • your reference = order number
  • Department no. = blank
  • PO no. = custom value set by support
  • Invoice no. = blank

ShipHero’s mapping is global, meaning every Fedex shipping profile would show the same custom value set in the PO no field.

We need to populate the Department no field and for the custom values to be per profile

Hey @sdwelrn !

Thanks for reaching out!

This community platform mainly deals in issues related to our Public API. I’d recommend making a support ticket, as support has the resources better suited to handle this type of issue.

You can create a ticket by going here and clicking submit a ticket or by clicking on the “Help” tab on