Get reason from ReturnLineItems


I am trying to get the return reason from ReturnLineItem schema using Python.

Here is what I have so far:
return_line_item(date_from: “2021-01-02”) {
data(first: 10){
pageInfo {
edges {
node {

I am getting the error that the attribute does not exist. I know sometimes that the attribute has a different name than what is shown in the public API schema.

Here is the schema that I see, written in Python:

class ReturnLineItem(sgqlc.types.Type):
__schema__ = sh_public_api_schema
__field_names__ = ('id', 'legacy_id', 'account_id', 'line_item_id', 'warehouse_id', 'product_id', 'return_id', 'quantity', 'quantity_received', 'restock', 'condition', 'is_component', 'type', 'reason', 'created_at', 'updated_at', 'line_item', 'warehouse')
id = sgqlc.types.Field(String, graphql_name='id')
legacy_id = sgqlc.types.Field(Int, graphql_name='legacy_id')
account_id = sgqlc.types.Field(String, graphql_name='account_id')
line_item_id = sgqlc.types.Field(String, graphql_name='line_item_id')
warehouse_id = sgqlc.types.Field(String, graphql_name='warehouse_id')
product_id = sgqlc.types.Field(String, graphql_name='product_id')
return_id = sgqlc.types.Field(String, graphql_name='return_id')
quantity = sgqlc.types.Field(Int, graphql_name='quantity')
quantity_received = sgqlc.types.Field(Int, graphql_name='quantity_received')
restock = sgqlc.types.Field(Int, graphql_name='restock')
condition = sgqlc.types.Field(String, graphql_name='condition')
is_component = sgqlc.types.Field(Boolean, graphql_name='is_component')
type = sgqlc.types.Field(String, graphql_name='type')
reason = sgqlc.types.Field(String, graphql_name='reason')
created_at = sgqlc.types.Field(ISODateTime, graphql_name='created_at')
updated_at = sgqlc.types.Field(ISODateTime, graphql_name='updated_at')
line_item = sgqlc.types.Field(LineItem, graphql_name='line_item')
warehouse = sgqlc.types.Field('Warehouse', graphql_name='warehouse')

Hi @janiceluong!
Thanks for catching this!
It is reason, but its currently returning null
We have already reported this to our engineers for a fix.
We apologize for the inconvenience and will let you know as soon as we have an update!

Thank you so much @tomasw !!

Hey @tomasw is there any update on this as it still returns null in the API?

Thank you,

Hi @dlshaw !
Unfortunately we have not been able to work on this yet. We have raised the priority and asked for an update about it.
Thanks for the patience and apologies for the inconvenience!

Great – Thank you for the follow up