Inventory Snapshot including inventory from deleted account

I have been trying out Inventory Snapshot API functionality but have found it is adding quantities and vendors from our deleted “test” environment.

I can’t post the snapshot as it contains private information but perhaps the devs can access them internally from this partial URL:

If you look for SKU “HMU548NVSRMD”, you’ll see 4 vendors and 25 units On Hand. If you look into our ShipHero instance, you’ll see it has 2 vendors and 0 in On Hand.

I logged into our “Test” account and saw there were 25 on hand for that instance. To try and resolve this, we deleted that test instance but the inventory is still showing at 25. We also waited 24 hours just in case there was the possibility of a timed sync.

Where are those values coming from?

Hi @fairweather
Thanks for that explanation!. Is there any chance you could send me the request_id you get back when creating the snapshot?
That way I can check it without you having to post it here, and see what you are referring to.
Thanks in advance!

Request Result:

{“snapshot_id”: “5f0752132e6c4edfb1798d81”, “job_user_id”: “VXNlcjozMTEyOQ==”, “job_account_id”: “QWNjb3VudDo3MDE0”, “warehouse_id”: “V2FyZWhvdXNlOjExOTMy”, “post_url”: “PRIVATE”, “post_url_pre_check”: true, “status”: “success”, “created_at”: “2020-07-09T17-21-23+00:00”, “enqueued_at”: “2020-07-09T17-21-23+00:00”, “updated_at”: “2020-07-09T17-22-10+00:00”, “snapshot_url”: “PRIVATE”, “customer_account_id”: null, “notification_email”: null, “email_error”: null, “post_error”: null, “error”: null, “snapshot_expiration”: null}

Thank you very much for those details @fairweather!
I see what you mean now. So is it OK if I go into that canceled account and manually remove those vendors, that way we can see if that fixes it.
Thanks in advance!

While I would like the vendors gone, the bigger problem is the “On Hand” stock as that is preventing me from using this feature in my integration. Is it possible to detach the incorrect inventory information? It seems strange that they are mixed but I know that the warehouse ids were the same on both accounts. I am worried that if we clear out the inventory on the test account it will wipe out the correct inventory for my Live site. I don’t know how the data is structured on your end so I’ll leave that up to you.

Thanks for confirming that @fairweather
I just send it over to Engineering, just to be sure this gets fixed. It does look like those 25 mentioned above come from the deleted account and not the new one.
I will let you know as soon as I have an update about it
Thanks again for the explanation and patience!

Thanks. Just to clarify, I need ALL the inventory from the previous account to be removed. Not just that example SKU. I would hate to do all of this just to see one SKU cleaned up. :slight_smile:

Absolutely! That is what I was referring to :+1:

Any update on this? I am still seeing old vendors and inventory counts from the deleted account in the JSON file.

Hi @fairweather
I apologize for the delay in my response. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to look at this yet and the ticket is still pending for an Engineer to pick it up.
I will do my best to raise its priority and will let you know as soon as I have an update.
Again, thank you for your patience

Any update on this? I would REALLY like to have this working.

Hi @fairweather
I apologize for the delay on this task, unfortunately, we haven’t got a chance to get an engineer to work on this yet. In the meantime, is it OK if I zeroed the inventory for that canceled account? And deleted the vendors as well?
Let me know if that would work for you and I will try to make that in the meantime.
Thanks again for the patience

Please make those changes. That would be very helpful to speed up my inventory syncs.

Hi @fairweather
I apologize once more for the delay on this, the ticket has been flagged now and escalated with the highest priority for an engineer to take a look at this.
I will be updating you about this asap.
Thank you ver much again for the patience while we work on this

Any chance this will ever get fixed?

I apologize on this delay, I just confirmed that an engineer has been assigned to this and has already started to work on this.
I will keep you update on the progress made.
Thanks again for all the patience

Hi @fairweather
I was told by our engineering team that a fix for this has been implemented today.
I apologize once more for the delayed fix on this.
Please let me know if there is anything else I could help with
Thanks again!