Problem setting carrier on order_create

We have a huge problem when creating orders with GraphQL.

With the old API we shouldn’t set the shipment carrier - only the method, and everything worked perfect.

Now we need to set the carrier, and that wouldn’t be a problem, if there wasn’t a limit of 15 characters:

We need to set the carrier to one of the following:

  • webshipper_io__dummy
  • webshipper_io__ups
  • webshipper_io__yourgls

We have talked with our carrier -, and they can’t do anything to solve it.

We need a quick solution to this problem.

Hi @Webtimisten
Thanks for catching this!, It seems like there is a discrepancy with that limit and what should be.
I already submitted a ticket for Engineering about this and we raise that limit.
I will let you know as soon as I have an update about it.
Thanks again!

Any update on this issue?

Hi @Webtimisten
Not yet, our engineers have not been able to work on this yet.
In the meantime would it be a possibility to make a workaround using Automation Rules?
Something like, sending shipping “webshipper_d” and setting an automation rule to change the method to the one you need?
Thanks again!

Thanks - we’ll try that.

Hi @Webtimisten
My apologies for the long waiting on this.
I just tested it and seems to be working now with longer than 15 char.
Let me know if you still see the error and thanks again for the patience!