Process inventory from api?


When placing an order for an item that isn’t in stock, it can sometimes take hours for the back order count in our system to update. Sometimes it moves on its own within 30 minutes, sometimes it never moves. Is there any documentation on when/what tells system to update the back order counts? We’re currently testing to see if ShipHero would be a fit for us so we’re on a sandbox account. I’m not sure if being on a sandbox account is the reason its not updating on it’s own more frequently or if that’s how the live system works as well. I noticed a button on the view product page that’s labeled “Process Inventory”. It looks like it refreshes the inventory counts which would be useful to be able to run through the api to prevent this from happening. Is there an endpoint that gives that ability?


Hi @leostella22, welcome to the community!
We do not have a mutation that would perform the same actions as the process inventory. If there is something in using the UI that is not working as expected, please contact with an order ( or inventory ) example and someone will work through it with you.