Registering Webhook

I am trying to register the webhook as per ShipHero’s documentation for Shipment Update: Webhooks – Developer Resources | ShipHero

My Request looks like:

mutation {
        data: {
            name: "Shipment Update"
            url: ""
            shop_name: "xxx--auth"
    ) {
        webhook {

and I keep getting this error:

  "errors": [
      "message": "Value is not a valid URLField for field url",
      "operation": "webhook_create",
      "field": "webhook_create",
      "request_id": "65ea1ffd1cd71b983bbc6fde",
      "code": 9
  "data": {
    "webhook_create": null
  "extensions": {
    "throttling": {
      "estimated_complexity": 5,
      "cost": 5,
      "cost_detail": {
        "webhook_create": {
          "items_count": 0,
          "cost": 5,
          "total_cost": 5,
          "fields": {}
      "user_quota": {
        "credits_remaining": 1997,
        "max_available": 2002,
        "increment_rate": 30

There are no more details than that and the API documentation doesn’t speak to this. What’s wrong here? Is there bad regex on the API’s side?

(URL redacted, however the syntax of hyphens and periods remains).

Hi @byates

I’m sorry for the late reply, do you still encountering this error when trying to create the webhook?

I am experiencing the same issue for a PO Update endpoint generated from Make. URL below:

Hi @otwshipping

I can’t find any logs for that URL. Can you provide the complete request and response so I can investigate more deeply?