Return carrier issues

Hi there, I am testing creating returns with the return_create mutation and am having the following issues with carriers:

  1. UPS, service UPS Ground for shipments within the US: it will not accept kg and cm as units, but I cannot change this on an account basis because we are located in Italy and our warehouse operates in metric units. Is there any way around this?
  2. DHL Express, it doesn’t recognize the carrier as valid… not sure why. I am sending “DHL Express” as the shipping_carrier and “Express Worldwide ECX” as the service. What have I done wrong?

Also, is it possible to avoid calculating the label cost and just accepting the cost I send with the mutation?

Thank you,

Hi @Csraspini
What are the errors that you are receiving back?

Hi Theresa,

On the API, nothing… basically the return will still be created, but no label will be generated.

Then, on the Shiphero dashboard, I try to regenerate the label and get the following messages:

  • for UPS: This measurement system is not valid for the selected country or territory.
  • for DHL Express: carrier not valid

Hi @Csraspini for the UPS, I can check with the carrier engineer. I understand that you are based in Italy, but is the shipment with this UPS account going Italy → US, like an international shipment? Or, alternatively, is the shipment going US → US but with an Italy-based ShipHero account? What we can do is open a support ticket, and check what these errors in the UI are pointing to in the logs.