Return_create - AddressInput type missing email

Why is the “email” not included in the return_create AddressInput? It can be set in the Shiphero App. See below.

Also, if someone does create a return and sets an email in the Shiphero App is it possible to then get this email in a return query?

Hey @bbarrett,

Thanks for reaching out!

The email field is not included in the return_create mutation and does not appear to be a queryable field either.

I’ll go ahead and pass this feedback along to the team.


I think my recent posts are all somewhat related to the return API having fallen behind on the main app updates. This might be case for other aspects of the Shiphero base application as well. That is understandable. However, I would suggest that maybe your API needs to be updated and brought up-to-date with the base application sooner rather than later.

Can you share your development plans and schedule on this?

For my work it is very important that the Shiphero API expose ALL the data elements users can create. Otherwise I run into problems creating auxiliary applications to fill gaps in Shiphero’s functionality.

In my case, Shiphero does not offer any native EDI functionality. So I am writing it and I need to be able to get ALL the data related to Products, Orders, POs, Inventory Adjustments, and Returns.

In the case of returns, I am not able to send back to our trading partners why a returned item was not restocked. I still have to find a way to accomplish this So, I am having to do some hacky stuff to deal with the Return API gaps.

Thanks Ryan.

Hey @bbarrett,

Thanks for hanging in there!

I understand your pain points and have been sure to pass along your feedback as detailed as I can.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to disclose much information regarding our development plans, processes or schedule. We do not have any short term plans to revamp our Return(s) queries or mutations.

Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them.