Returnly Integration

As Returnly evaluates the prospect of building this integration to ShipHero I’m curious if we can find a near-term solution:

Is it possible for a warehouse rep using ShipHero’s WMS to receive packages blind? (i.e. Receive without a prior RMA generated in ShipHero’s system).

If Returnly includes the Shopify Order ID or Order Number on the shipping label as a scannable barcode can the warehouse using ShipHero’s WMS do proper intake?

Are there any other manual options available to us on the reverse logistics receiving end that don’t involve building to the API?

ShipHero customer here, the shipping dashboard does allow warehouse reps to create a return for an existing order, so pulling it up by order number and using the return button works for this. It’s a bit cumbersome and confusing to use I have to warn you, but the functionality is there.

Hello team,

Is there some sort of development in this ? My use case here is to accommodate an ASN via API triggered by Returnly inside SH.

Can we do that now ?


Hi @Hari!
We are working on integrating with Returnly in a few weeks (is not currently available).
What is it that you needed exactly?
Thanks in advance!

We have the case where Returnly sends ASN for returns to Shopify, labels are generated by returnly itself. We just need to integrate these ASN to our SH setup

Hi @Hari!
I don’t have the details at the moment, but you might want to contact about this. We are currently working on an integration with Returnly (which is not available at the moment), but it might be what you are looking for.
It will be an integration and not through the Public API. I will try to collect more information, but contacting support might help in the meantime.
Thanks in advance!