Shop Name in PO Webhook?

Hi, I set up the PO Webhook and just while I was finalizing it I realized I don’t see the shop name on it anywhere - could you pls suggest what am I missing?

Note: I can’t be setting up different endpoints for different shops, and if I have to set up multiple PO webhooks to the same endpoint, I need to know which shop a particular hit came from.

Thank you

Hey @Raj,

Thanks for reaching out!

What type of shop are you talking about? IE A shopify store or the shop where you order your products from?

The latter is returned through the PO Update webhook through the vendor field. The store connection isn’t returned as you have found.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Sorry I wasn’t clear - the vendor/shop who’s our customer (we’re a 3PL)

Hey @Raj,

I understand now, unfortunately you’re correct. There is no customer_account_id associated with the webhook. I will go ahead and pass that feedback along to the team.

For the time being would creating the PO and setting the po_number field to something like “Customer_name PO Number” work?

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Thanks @Rayanp, but no it won’t work. The PO Number is set to client’s PO number and changing that would disrupt a whole lot of setups.
I’m honestly amazed at this not being there already (this and few of the recent queries that were confirmed to be unsupported features are really crippling)