UPDATE: We refactored custom_options field for line_items

We have just refactored the custom_options field for line_items.

We now expect a Generic Scalar for the input value, it should look something like this:

  • custom_options: {key1:"value1", key2:"value2", key3:"value3"}

This field can be used within the line_items node when using create_order or order_add_line_items mutations.

If you want to update existing custom_options, you need to send all the keys again to keep those that don’t need to be updated. In the above example, if you want to update key3, you need to use custom_options like this:

  • custom_options: {key1:"value1", key2:"value2", key3:"updatedvalue3"}

Please refer to Gotcha’s – Developer Resources | ShipHero for further information.

Have a great day!
ShipHero Team