Webhook when creating shipping (rma) not sending "shiping_name"

Hi there,

We’ve noticed that the data received in the webhook when “rma” is generated doesn’t contain the shipment_name. I can only see: shipping_method, shipping_carrier and shipping_address.

Is it possible to modify this? Or how do I get the shipping_name?

Due to our systems we’re only able to get the type of shipping through the name so we can create it accordingly (24h express or 3-5 days). That information is on shiphero but it seems is not contained in the request we get when webhook is triggered.

Any help would be much appreciated…



Hi @nestor!
This is for the Return Update Webhook, right?
And is there any chance you could give me a screenshot of what the shipment_name displays on the UI?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @tomasw, thanks for answering! :slight_smile:

It is in fact for the Return Update Webhook and the Generate Label Webhook.

Attached you’ll find the two types of shipment we have (in shiphero, order details). Each method has its own name and for each method the shipping have to be different.

Screen Shot 2020-09-15 at 17.01.04

Hi @nestor!
Thanks for confirming that!
As for the Generate Label Webhook, it should be available in the payload as shipping_name, for example:

“shipping_name”: “Manual Order Shipping Method”,

But it won’t be available on the Return Update Webhook because that webhook is for the return itself, while that “shipment info” box that you see on the screenshot is from the order, and not the return.

When generating the return there are only two options, the Carrier and the Method:

Let me know if that doesn’t help or I could explain better
Thanks again!