Getting Shopify order shipping code in ShipHero

Hi, we need to populate the “Code” field from Shopify order->Shipping_lines along with the “Title”. Title generally includes the shipping method name shown to the customers on the checkout and Code has the actual shipping service selected by our Shipping API. Can you please advise on how to accomplish this?

hello @_fenix

I think you can use this query as example to get the shipping lines

query {
  order(id: "152197584") {
    data {

but it will give you the title, not the code that comes from shopify.

Hi Galvarez, thanks for the quick reply. So I’ve two questions

  1. Do you guys get the Code field from Shopify orders into Shiphero (SH) through native SH integration?
  2. If answer to 1 is yes, then can we see that field somewhere in the SH UI?

hello @_fenix
Yes, we mapping base on code, and set the shipping method base on what is here

Thank you galvarez. Can you please tell me which field is mapped to Shopify Code? Is there a tutorial/guide to set this panel up?

Basically, our requirement is to map the exact code from shipping_lines in Shopify order to a field visible in the Ship Hero UI, ideally to the Ship Method so our associates can easily ship those products without having to do another mapping in Ship Hero as that’s being done by our Delivery Experience Platform.

I see, basically what you need to do is go to on the top there is 2 drop downs one for type and one for storers, on the right there is an Add Shipping Method button, you would need to select the store name which you want add that new shipping method, on the modal showed you would need to add in the name part what is coming from shopify on the code part, in your example: Standard (DHL) and then select the corresponding carrier and shipping method you want to map, that would set the right shipping method on all orders coming from the selected store.

Thank you buddy. We will give this a try and see if this works. Will update back here soon.

Sure let me know I found this article also can help you

Hi Galvarez, so we setup the mapping as you suggested, see below but we noticed that these aren’t getting applied when the new orders are being downloaded in to Ship Hero. Is there anything else we need to do?

Can you provide me an order example, where I can check why did not mapped correctly.