Integrating Twilio API

Hey all,

I’m reaching out in regards to an SMS integration that I wanted to put in place with ShipHero. The integration system that we were looking into was with Twilio. I wanted to know if ShipHero has the ability to integrate with Twilio so that we would be able to update customers automatically via SMS about their orders.

The goal is to have ShipHero be able to take any information that a customer asks via SMS about their order and automatically have it return the information that they are seeking. We’re looking to have it function in ways such as:

  • Having a customer text in their order number to our phone number, and having the integration with the app send a message back saying that their order is unfulfilled
  • Or even go further and tell the customer that there is an address hold on their order, which is why it has not shipped out yet. And give the address that was given at checkout.

Essentially, the more details that a customer can get about their order via SMS the better!

Please let me know if this integration is at all possible!

Hi @Nikki!
We don’t have an integration made with Twilio, but for that purpose, I guess that Twilio will need to get that information using our Public API, is that correct?
(I’m investigating Twilio at the moment because I’m not familiarized on how that works)
Thanks in advance!

Hi Tom! I believe that is correct! Thank you so much. Yes, please let me know if you find any solution to this!

Hi @Nikki!
In that case, we don’t have an integration build for Twilio (or similar). You will have to build it and use our Public API to collect the necessary information.
I’m assuming it will run using webhooks for triggering notifications.
I apologize I don’t have a good response about this