Invite customer link without 48 hours expiry

Hello, I need either

  1. A link I can send to multiple customers so they can add themselves to our 3PL account as clients, that is reusable and won’t auto-expire in 48 hours; or
  2. An API to automate creating new client accounts (as someone requested here too Create 3PL customer Via API)

Could you please help?
Thank you!

Hello @Raj!
I hope you are having a great day.
As was discussed in the thread you shred, the expiring link is the only way in existence right now.
For No.1, I recommend you channel this through your CSM. They will be better suited to answer you that.
For option No.2, I can post a feature request on your behalf.
Kind regards,

Thank you Tomas! Yes please post a feature request like you suggested.
Also, what’s CSM? And how do I go about it?

Hey @Raj!
Could you please share a complete description of how you would like option 2 to work with me?
Do you want to add full customer details through the API? Do you want it to send this data automatically to them? Generate a link for them to register themselves? Etc.
Please be a thorough as possible.
Have a nice day!

Hey Tomas! Thank you for your reply.
For the API : whatever customer details are minimum required to register a 3PL client account with us on ShipHero, we’d like to send those via an API request. And the response should confirm with success/failure (with reason). User could be asked to set a password on first login, via a link sent to their email (as given in request), or we could set first default password that’s flagged to be reset on first login.
Customers would be filling in their details on our webpage/app and this would create a ShipHero account for them in the background via the above API.
Please let me know if any more details are needed.

Happy New Year!

Thank you @Raj!
I will update the FR with this info.

Thank you Tomas! Would you be able to give me some idea about the implementation timeframe?