Purchase Order - Receiving

Hi ShipHero,

Hope all is well with you guys!

We are currently testing the receiving part of purchase order and would like to clarify you the following behaviours if it is actually the intended behaviour or an issue on the system:

  • When PO is already closed, i can receive more or deduct the quantity received of an item
  • PO can be reopened after when it is being closed

If this is the intended behaviour, can I also ask if there’s any way that we can prevent this or such behaviours can be configured on the settings?

Looking forward for you response. Thank you!


Hello @Altair!
Yes, those are expected behaviors.
I reached out to your CSM and I know you’ve already engaged with her. For this particular subject, as it’s not API-related, I would suggest you continue your conversation through that means.
Have a great day!