Question about Shipment Update webhook and merged orders

Hi there!
We have been on our custom GraphQL API integration for a few months now and all seems to be working fine. I do have a question regarding merged orders with the Shipment Update webhook.

Specifically, when we receive the webhook data, only the master order is sent in the [order_number] field and, moreover, it seems that only the master order’s products are being sent along in the line items, rather than all the products of all the merged orders. This makes it impossible to fulfill the orders on our store (the master is fulfilled perfectly, while the other merged orders are not).

Is there anything I can do to retrieve the missing information?


Hi @Csraspini
Thanks for reaching out!
It should be sending the information for all the line items for all the merged orders (not the order number but the line items)
Let me run some tests and make a ticket for our engineers to review this.
Thanks for reporting this and we will provide an update asap.