Questions about custom API integrations

Hello, I am looking to create a custom integration with our ecommerce using API rather than Store Managment.
My custom integration will be mostly on a webhook level.
I have a few questions:

  1. I know that you have recently ported all APIs to GraphQL from REST. However, I also read that webhooks are not yet on GraphQL. Is there an ETA for this change? Is it possible to already start testing webhooks on GraphQL?
  2. Should we require assistance from ShipHero, are custom integrations supported? I am asking because we are currently on a Magento v1 shop which I know is no longer supported. We would be disconnecting our Magento v1 store and connecting our custom integration. However it is important for us to know whether ShipHero whether or not provides support for custom APIs.
    I look forward to your kind reply, thank you.


Hi @Csraspini!

We did add them to GraphQL, but the only thing that changed from a user perspective is the way you register/remove a webhook. The old webhooks should be still functioning normally.
You can also see what webhook your account has by using a query.
Mor info at but please let me know if something is not clear or could be explained better!

Not sure if my reply answers your question but, we do have support from our side (ShipHero Public API) as well as we did for our Rest API. For the custom integration itself, you will need to get support from the person that is building the integration.

Let me know if that helps or if there is anything else I could help you with.
Thanks in advance!

Hi Tomas,

Thank you for your reply.

All clear for what concerns webhooks, thank you.

As regards support, I will be making the custom integration myself. What I am wondering about is what happens if there is an issue on the ShipHero side? With Magento, every time we open a ticket, even if the issue is not related to Magento, we are told that Magento isn’t supported and as such no one can help. I just want to make sure this won’t be the case if we develop a custom integration.

Thank you and best regards,

Absolutely @Csraspini!
In that case, you can always reach out to us if its an issue on the ShipHero Public API side here at the community. We should be able to help you find a workaround if possible or fix (if it is an issue/bug)
In case the issue is not Public API related, but a ShipHero issue, I should also be able to help here or point you in the right direction.
Thanks again!