Shipping date with Shopify App


We use ShipHero App ( ) for our Shopify store. We want to implement a calendar in the second step of Shopify Checkout Process so the user could select their preferred delivery date.

We will be coding our own custom calendar for this, however, the issue is that I am not sure on how to plug in the selected date into ShipHero app for Shopify?

Thank you!

Hi @gytisgec!,

You could use the order_create mutation for that purpose.
We don’t currently have a desired delivery date field, but you could include the field required_ship_date there.
Would this work for you?


Thanks for your reply.

My concern is the Shopify app, since I do not create the orders manually and can’t find any information on how / if I can access any of the fields used by the app.

I’m guessing the app takes care of creating the order.

Can I use the API to connect to the app to fetch those fields?

Hi @gytisgec!
I apologize for the delay in the response.
So if I got it right, you are trying to access the required_ship_date field on the ShipHero app, that it has previously been sent by Shopify into the ShipHero app, right?
What other fields specifically would you need to access in the ShipHero app?

No not exactly, since we want to add the calendar into the checkout.

User clicks Checkout > Proceed to Shipping options > Select delivery date / shipping method > place order > order is placed and the date is passed into ShipHero

Is this possible?

Hi @gytisgec!
We only handle required_ship_date that it’s send from outside of ShipHero when placing the order, which could be based on the Shipping Method + Expected delivery date.
I will go ahead and submit a feature request for a delivery date field and let you know if that will be possible. Thanks!


Side question which is related to this one, on our store we have an option to add Rush Processing, which basically means the order is processed and shipped within 24 hours. Currently it is a separate product that is added to the cart.

My question is - Is it possible to somehow mark each order that has that product in cart as high priority or something similar, just so that there would be no need to check the contents of each order for that rush processing product?

Yes, absolutely!
Would an Automation Rule in ShipHero work for that?

For example you could add a Tag to those orders on Shopify and define a trigger of the Automation Rule something like:
If order Tag, set an action like “Set Priority Flag” of maybe a custom status that you want.

Hi again @gytisgec ,
I just wanted to give you an update on the delivery date feature request.
Unfortunately, we will not be able to make it right now (we also haven’t got any logic around expected delivery date), but as a workaround, you could make an order tag in Shopify, and that order tag will show in ShipHero. Hope this helps.
Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.

Hey @tomasw, thanks for the reply.

Yes the Automation rule sounds something that could work.

I’m trying to find out how to set these up in the dashboard but can’t find the option to, any chance you could guide me?

Also, instead of using order tags, is possible to just trigger the rule by SKU? Looking at the docs it says it’s a viable option for Automation rule, but just want to be sure.